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Small Business Web Design

Web DesignSince 2005 we have been developing websites for a wide range of clientele across Australia and internationally. While there have been many changes over this period, four key areas of web design and development remain the most critical.

  • You must create a great first impression
  • Your website must be accessible across a range of devices
  • Your content must be easy to discover
  • You must be able to manage your own website

Our development process is built upon best practice to ensure you have an intuitive, fast loading website with all the features your customers want and none of the gimmicks other agencies add to simply charge you more.

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E-Commerce Web Design

woo commerceGone are the days when consumers were reluctant to enter their credit card details online. Nowadays the convenience of online shopping far outweighs any negatives once attached to E-Commerce.

The golden rule in any sales transaction is to make the buying process as simple and risk-free as possible. Our shopping sites are built on a proven platform that is simple to use, secure and best of all won’t break the bank.

Receive payments via credit card, PayPal or direct deposit, track conversion rates, run specials, calculate tax, and establish shipping zones all without raising a sweat.

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Creating a Great First Impression

Your website will often be the first impression potential customers have of your business, and you have far less time than you probably realise. In fact, a study carried out in 2012 by the Missouri University of Science and Technology successfully demonstrated that it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a visitor to form an opinion of your brand once landing on your website.

Obviously, first impressions matter and to create a great first impression for your business online four key areas should be addressed:

  • Website loading times
  • Website Trustworthiness
  • Professional website design
  • Simple and intuitive website navigation

The content on your site is vitally important but it won’t be seen unless your website looks professional, is simple and intuitive to navigate and loads quickly:

Website Loading Times

Loading TimesWe specialise in developing fast loading websites.

Ensuring your site loads quickly not only creates a great first impression with your customers it is also a critical component of search engine optimisation (SEO) as Google has publicly stated as far back as 2010 that site speed is a Google ranking factor.

Fast loading website also convert visitors into customers far more effectively. In fact, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. As a business owner can you afford to lose 40% of your potential customers online due to a slow loading website?

We use lightweight themes, recommend the minimum number of plugins and compress all images on your site to ensure your site loads as fast as possible.

Website Trustworthiness

SSL Certificate InstalledThe most effective way to demonstrate that your site is trusted is to install an SSL Certificate.  SSL Certificates ensure that traffic between your web server and user’s browser is secure and cannot be read.  This is especially critical if you sell online.

In 2018 Google began marking sites as non-secure if they did not have an SSL certificate installed. Despite this fact, many websites still have not moved with the times and had SSL certificated installed.

At Infinity Media we include a free SSL certificate with every new website we develop.

Professional website design

We began life as a design agency and understand that effective design isn’t just about making your website look nice. Great design improves the user experience and helps convert web traffic into genuine inquiries for your business.

When working with us we will research your market and deliver a conceptual design based on a design brief that we work with you to develop.

Please visit our portfolio to see recent examples of our design work.



  • Are you aware that over 75% of mobile phone users will use their mobile phone to navigate and find directions to local destinations, shops, and restaurants?
  • Mobile internet usage has exceeded desktop internet usage in many industries already and this is only set to continue.

The simple fact is your customers have a myriad of options when it comes to researching products and services online and those who provide the best user experience across all devices generally get the inquiry.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices and tablets you are not providing the best possible user experience for potential customers and that means you are leaving the door open for your competitors.

We build responsive websites, this ensures every website we develop works equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Manage your own website

All websites developed by Infinity Media utilise Word Press, a powerful yet simple to operate content management system that allows website owners to maintain and update their website, even if they have never worked on a website before.

In fact, if you can use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word you can manage and update your website using Word Press.

Based on our experience over the past 15 years, we believe Word Press to be by far the most simple to operate and best performing platform available to small and local business owners. We have tested most major platforms over the years, including our own proprietary software. It’s not even close,  Word Press is the platform the majority of website owners prefer and with good reason.

Forget paying a web designer a minimum hourly rate to simply update a line of text on your website.